Ebong Lovert is a name that embodies the spirit of a new generation of leaders: passionate, driven, and committed to creating a positive impact on the world. As a Program Coordinator, Thought Leader, and Champion of Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact, Ebong’s influence extends far beyond his title.

Empowering the Next Generation of Environmental Stewards

Ebong’s dedication to environmental sustainability shines through his work as the Founder and Leader of The Eco Speed Turtle. Established in 2021, this organization isn’t just about raising awareness; it’s about action. Through events like clean-up campaigns, youth summits, and climate action initiatives, The Eco Speed Turtle provides a platform for young people to actively engage in environmental conservation. By nurturing this passion in young minds, Ebong is fostering the next generation of environmental stewards who will carry the torch forward.

Building a Culture of Active Participation

Ebong’s leadership extends beyond his own organization. In his previous role as a Program Coordinator at ESSA, he led a team of 500 students, developing programs that not only enhanced student engagement but also fostered leadership development. This focus on collaboration with student organizations and university departments speaks volumes about Ebong’s commitment to creating a culture of active participation and community involvement within educational institutions.

Spearheading Sustainability Efforts

Ebong’s impact extends beyond education. As a Community Engagement Officer at SOA Cameroon, he spearheaded initiatives like « Let the Sea Turtle Live » and Limbe beach cleanups. These projects, borne from partnerships with government agencies, NGOs, and community groups, highlight Ebong’s dedication to tackling environmental challenges head-on. His ability to forge strong partnerships is a testament to his collaborative spirit and his understanding of the power of collective action.

Leading by Example

Ebong’s impressive track record goes beyond program coordination and community engagement. As a Project Coordinator for impactful projects like the Youths for Blue Carbon Ecosystem Project at SOA, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead and inspire others. By engaging and coordinating young participants, Ebong ensures that projects not only succeed but also empower participants to become changemakers themselves.

A Beacon of Hope for the Future

Ebong Lovert’s diverse skillset, coupled with his unwavering passion for environmental sustainability, social impact, and youth empowerment, paints a picture of a leader who is making a real difference. Through his dedication, collaborative spirit, and inspiring work, Ebong has become a beacon of hope for a more sustainable and equitable future, not just in Cameroon, but across Africa. His story serves as a powerful reminder that even one individual, armed with passion and a commitment to action, can create positive change on a global scale. Ebong Lovert is a true role model for aspiring changemakers everywhere, proving that age is no barrier to leadership and that the power to create a better world lies within us all.